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Swan Lake meets Freddie Mercury

For those who didn't get their ticket for the official evening at the Casino de Montreux and would like an alternative to the Queen Silent Disco offered by Montreux Celebration.

Saturday 7 September 2024, 8pm - Salle Omnisports du Pierrier, Clarens.

Swan Lake meets Freddie Mercury
By the Baltic Sea Philharmonic

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The BSP orchestra, guided by the innovative Kristjan Järvi, transcends the traditional boundaries of classical music. The musicians play by heart, giving them greater freedom of movement. Together, they offer an apotheosis of the senses: the concert becomes an unparalleled physical, visual and aural experience. The beauty and mystique of the swan, an emblematic figure of Nordic culture, are celebrated through spellbinding musical moments from Sibelius and Grieg to Freddie Mercury, to whom a special tribute will be paid on his birthday.


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